Building Refurbishment: October Update

Building Refurbishment: October Update

At St Mary’s School, our goal is to improve and strengthen the many wonderful things that are already happening and to further develop rich learning opportunities, create safe and inspiring learning environments and continue to provide quality teaching for all students at St Mary’s School. We are proud of our history and we continue to seek opportunities to provide effective learning and teaching for its children.

Part of the process to maximise the children’s learning at St Mary’s also involves providing a modern, safe learning environment for the students. Rooms 1 to 5 had not been refurbished within the last 20 years or more, until now. During that time education and the processes for learning have changed during this time extensively.

There was an urgent need for a cohesive, considered approach that improves the flow and use of spaces, improving interaction for students and staff, to facilitate cross pollination and learning. We reinvented the space to create a contemporary educational environment that invites curiosity and active engagement with its fabric and the wider context of the Catholic and Australian primary education cultures.

The approach respected the original architecture but introduce contemporary overlay and provide an environment that the students, parents and staff can enjoy and feel ownership and pride in. Our goal was to a learning environment within the Catholic context that:

  • Honour the sacred dignity of each person, believing that everyone can experience success and be supported to see their lives as being shaped by the God who is at work in all of creation.
  • Search for truth, continuously critiquing, questioning, inquiring, imagining and re-imagining themselves and their world in an ongoing engagement with Catholic beliefs and practices.
  • Embrace difference and diversity as the context for dialogue, engagement and a deeper understanding of self, others and God.
  • Build a culture of learning together through collaboration, partnerships and life-giving relationships which enable all to flourish.
  • Engage with the deep questions of life, constantly opening up spaces of meaning which engage Catholic faith with what matters most in the minds and hearts of the students.
  • Honour equitable access and opportunity for all, with a particular commitment to those most in need. All members of a Catholic school community are learners who:
  • Commit to achieving the highest standards possible based on reflective practice, using data, research and evidence to ensure progress and growth in learning.
  • Make a difference in the world, inspired by the Gospel and led by the Holy Spirit to grow in virtue and act for justice and the common good.

At St Mary’s we take great pride in our recent school improvements and the students and staff are excited to be in our refurbished classrooms and flexible learning space.


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