Book Week Parade

Start Time

21 August, 2019
9:15 AM

End Time

21 August, 2019
10:15 AM


St Mary's Primary School


Our annual Book Week parade will be held on Wednesday, 21st August commencing at 9:15am. The venue is still to be decided.

The Book Week theme for 2019 is “Reading is My Secret Power”. So where will you find your secret power – at Hogwarts, the land of Oz, under the sea, or maybe in outer space?

Having secret powers is something that lots of superheroes have and they use them to save the world and combat evil! If a Superhero is your choice then look no further, you could be famous crime fighter who can fly, climb, freeze things or just plain old protect the universe!

Magic is a fantastic secret power and casting spells like Harry Potter does or weaving magic like a wise wizard might be something you can do that nobody knows about until now!

Are you really good at dancing or swimming? Are those your secret powers and do you share them with your favourite pop stars, Wiggles characters and Mermaids?

Is hiding something you are particularly good at when playing with your friends? Maybe that could be your secret power and you could dress up as Where’s Wally for Book Week 2019.

Are you ridiculously hilarious and make everyone laugh all the time? Is your secret power to be funny? Then maybe a clown costume for Book Week is something great for you!

So get your thinking caps on and see what you can come up with!

It would be great if mums, dads and/or family members joined in the fun, not just the children and teachers.

Who’s attending?

  • Open to Public